Monday, September 7, 2015

In Photos: SidlaKasilak 2015

SidlaKasilak is an offering of dance and lights to Loon's patron saint the Lady of Light.
It was fortunate that we got the chance to again witness one of our favorite dance festivals in Bohol, Loon's SidlaKasilak Festival of Lights.

"SidlaKasilak is a combination of the words sidlak which means to rise, just as the sun rises to break the darkness of night, or to rise from life’s adversities; and kasilak, which means light. Collectively, SidlaKasilak expresses the Loonanons’ resilience amid challenges, hardships and suffering, and their ability to shine with their talents, capability and creativity." (Monreal, 2015)

The street dancing category limits the dancers to using only candles in their performance.
Although participated in by fewer contingents this year, the spirit and energy of SidlaKasilak is still as vibrant -- not shredded by the great earthquake of 2013 which felled the town's symbolic core, the Loon Birhen sa Kasilak Church.

This year, the main category was held at the church ruin grounds itself, where the stone remnants of the apse which held a temporary altar became the event's centerpiece.
More pictures below:

The performance of the Governor Jacinto Borja National High School earned the judges' nod as they were declared the festival's winners. Here's a clip of their performance:

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