Saturday, September 19, 2015

Calamay Redux

Jagna (Bohol) Kalamay, bought at P50 in Jagna.

A few will argue that the trusty kalamay is the quintessential Boholano delicacy.

The Bohol kalamay's signature bagul or coconut shell container makes it more appealing visually. When cracked and stretched open, the delight of unraveling the gooey goodness adds to the overall gustatory sensation. (Seriously, no?)

While the more practical plastic container has been challenging the bagul for kalamay container dominance, the good ole bagul trumps the plastic, hands down. Sacrificing longer shelf life for authenticity and aesthetics,

But a welcome upgrade to the bagul kalamay is the ditching of the characteristic red crepe paper that seals the bagul in favor of a more efficient but not necessarily visually impairing red plastic tape.
A red plastic tape now replaces the characteristic red crepe paper band that seals the kalamay bagul shut

Old-timers will notice the unusual sheen of the tape -- but that can be easily ignored, no doubt. That's a bargain, for keeping the kalamay in its shell.
Cracking open the coconut shell is definitely more intriguing and satisfying (and exotic!) than opening a plastic container. 
Now, someone bring out the pan de sal! Kalamay, kalami!

We wish that they were bigger, though, but that would be pushing it.

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