Monday, August 17, 2015

Mosia: Must Love Dogs

Not your ordinary cupcake place.
Their minimalist logo is a cute dog nose-kissing a cupcake. And when you're lucky, the real-life fluffy Mosia avatar will usher you into the lovely quaint little sweets haven, south of Tagbilaran.

Barely a year since it opened in December 2014, Mosia Cupcakes and Cookie Shop has become the hipster dessert oasis that attracts not just locals but Bohol tourists & visitors, as well.

We've bitten the Mosia cupcake and we're hooked. Here's why:

Eating a Mosia lavender cupcake is like eating perfume. And like choosing your perfume, it's a personal preference thing.
Easily their bestseller, Mosia salted caramel ice cream.
1. Mmmosia. The flavors are not over-the-top, they're delicate, finespun and obviously made with love, care and attention. No seriously. You know, we're imagining them being made by one of those TV pastry chefs, only better and without the excessive cursing.

Some of their bestsellers are the salted caramel ice cream, truffle cakes, cheese cakes and cream puff. And their cakes look oh-so-pretty. Perfect for showing off on Instagram.

Come there often enough, these guys will be ready to serve up your choice without you telling them.
2. Mosia's staff is friendly and efficient. They're smart, they know their shit. And it helps that the boys are as pretty-looking as cakes and cupcakes.

Mosia lights up, day and night.
3. Martha Stewart will approve of Mosia's decor.  We do. The balance of eco-cutesy-preppy vibe is not off-putting (as an all-white pallor could dangerously become), quite relaxing (must be those dreamy "pigs with wings"), in fact. And it's clean, from front to the back of the shop (toilet) -- as every cafe should be.

It's a place where you can bring a book and actually read it there, in peace. And they have a cute garden space outside that is perfect for late afternoon ruminations.

If you see the Russian owners (those matryoshka dolls didn't just pop up in the cafe decor for nothing), you know that Mosia is theirs and they are Mosia. Oh and yeah, when they're around, you should talk to them. They don't bite.

4. Mosia stands for something. And we believe them. Follow their Facebook page and you'll be updated on the latest cakes and cupcakes offered in their shop. Also, you'll find posts such as below that will reinforce your infatuation with Mosia.
Mosia represents so many beautiful things in this world. It has purpose and dreams! We support the local communities and try to set a good example by being a green company that creates no plastic waste. This little shop is built entirely out of love and has little interest in just making a profit. We are a self funded animal charity, trying to promote compassion and respect for all of this planet's creations. Last but not least, all of our products are hand crafted with the best natural ingredients we could find. There are no preservative, additives, or artificial flavoring. Everything starts with an organic free range egg and butter. ‪#‎whatdoyoustandfor‬ 
Verdict: You had us at hello!

★ (Our new favorite place.)
Mosia Cupcakes and Cookie Shop
Opens 12nn to 12mn
121 V.P. Inting St., Tagbilaran City
(Between NFA and Villa Alzhun, in front of Boloc-boloc Spring)
Mobile: 0927 500 2310

Some factors that could discourage some:
  • Price. It's no My Deli Bread, for sure, but that's the price to pay for such indulgence.
  • Accessibility. While it can truly be walked from the city downtown, sadly no one walks anymore. To get there, you gotta take a trike or multicab or your own car. Or take a friend with a car. They have ample parking space.

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