Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Puddle Trouble

Malabon in Tagbilaran
On our way to a trip out of town, a friend pointed out this flooded area at Tagbilaran's Integrated Bus Terminal. He said it's been here for ages, the water, never drained, and seem to just be ignored by the authorities.

Talk about a breeding ground for mosquitoes, bacteria and other such disease-causing what-not's.

While that area out front of the Integrated Bus Terminal which used to be the problem-pool, ignored, left to turn green and disgusting, has vanished, now comes this new puddle.

There seemed to be someone digging something on the side, which looked like a sewerage manhole.

We hope this problem will get fixed. Soon.

Update (1 October 2015): The great puddle, unfortunately, was still there.

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