Monday, July 25, 2016

Review: President Duterte's First State of Nation Address (SONA)

President Digong looked and spoke like the badass Mayor that he was.

We watched the first State of the Nation Address of President Rodrigo R. Duterte. Here's what we have to say:

👍 RH Law implementation.
👍 Lumad + Muslim channel.
👍 Tax reform.
👍 Transpo infra
👍 Townhall (barangay hall) feel. The madlibs. PDigong sushing the crowd.
👍 Unilateral ceasefire.
👍 Simplified gov't processes.

👎🏽 Selective human rights (framing)
👎🏽 Micro plans, very little macro.
👎🏽 Middle-class-centric.
👎🏽 Alluding to 'clean' coal.
👎🏽 No actual 'state' of the nation. (Only more our-brand-is-crisis feels)

👎🏽 Artsy-fartsy Brilliante M. cinematography.

We especially cheered on the President's statements about the RH Law implementation and unilateral ceasefire, but jeered on his human rights framing. Also we didn't hear a national plan, but piecemeal plans from certain regions and aspects in Philippine society. We would've loved for him to report on the 'state' of the nation especially coming from another administration and where he will take off from there. While we are certain that he can make his plans happen, if he wills so, we just hope that they be more comprehensive, integrative and less exclusive -- which then can translate to better implementation and sustainability.

Ah, well. We shall see.

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