Saturday, July 23, 2016

In Photos: Sandugo Fusion Nights 2016

Foodies will delight in the cornucopia of international and regional dishes laid out at this year's Sandugo Fusion Nights. We did.

Organized by the Bohol Association of Hotels, Resorts & Restaurants (BAHRR), and participated in by some 15 of its members (Alta Resort, Astoria-Bohol, Be Grand Resort, Bellevue Resort, Bluewater Resort, Bohol Shores Resort, Egay's Farm Resto, Gavroche French Bakery, Ocean Suites, Tarsier Botanika, Kusina ni Tisay, Cake Garden, T2 Lounge Cafe, Linaw Beach Resort/Pearl Restaurant and Reyna’s), the Sandugo International Fusion Nights 2016 at the Plaza Rizal, we'd say, gave the Bol-anons and guests a satiating (and easy on the pocket, most of them, at least) feast this year.

Pretty sure every exhibitor's offerings were as good, but these are the ones that caught our eyes (and taste buds)!

Be Grand Resort: Paella

Generous with seafood. Overall tasted great -- but only after pushing aside the scoop of aioli (garlic mayo, but ) which was a bit too much (for this writer's taste).

Open kitchen -- while you wait, see the chefs in action.
Paella by Be Grand Resort
T2 Lounge Cafe: Tacos & Sausages

Affordable. Fills up as it should. But nothing special.

T2's own version of the taco.
Sausage by T2 Lounge Cafe
Up close: sausage from T2 Lounge Cafe

Gavroche: Mini Quiches

These French savory pastries are a must-have. And they were given at discounted rates later in the night. (Watch out for their macarons, too!)

Mini quiches with a variety of fillings.
Closer: mini quiche from Gavroche.
Egay's Farm Resto: Squash Fritters (Okoy)

Vegetarian fare. Enough said.

From Egay's Farm Resto, squash okoy.
Kusina ni Tisay:

Kusina ni Tisay

Because we miss the Mongolian bowl.
One can't go wrong with pansit!
Nor with mami/lomi. (Where are you, MacJack?)
Probably not an exhibitor per se, but the good ole grilled pork belly at the beer station was hands-down the bestseller in the lot.

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